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What is The Blow-Me-Downer?

At its inception in 2005 The Blow-Me-Downer was a printed newsletter (The Blow-Me-Down Bulletin) published at the beginning of most months.  Now, after changes necessitated for economic reasons, it is an on-line newsletter, published most months of the year, although the winter months of January, February, and March may sometimes, but not always, missed, and in most years there is no August issue.  However in most recent years there has been a new issue every month. All issues since January 2007 are available online here after publication.

The content is mostly about people and events affecting the towns of Lark Harbour and York Harbour in the Outer Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, but this may also include commentary on matters of worldwide significance.  The publication is named for Blow-Me-Down Mountain which is immediately south of Highway 450, a few kilometres east of York Harbour.  Rising from the waters of the Bay, the mountain soars to 763 metres or 2,313 feet and dominates the entire region.

In 2011 the Blow-Me-Downer website was introduced, with much more information than the printed newsletter could contain.  Due to costs of production and distribution, since 2012 September the printed version has no longer been published, but electronic versions of the latest issue and past issues as far back as 2007 are available on the Blow-Me-Downer Newsletter page of this Website.

How to access the Blow-Me-Downer on line

Click on Blow-Me-Downer Newsletter page here or in the Index Line at the top of every page, and you will arrive at the Archive page where you can then select and download any issue from 2007 to the latest one.  Some issues contain more graphics than others, and may be slower to download, so a little patience may be needed.

The Blow-Me-Downer is now published on the Internet eight times yearly, before the first Friday of the month, except for January, February, March and August when there is no issue.  Copy for publication may be submitted at any time, on paper, or by email to, and will be published cost free.  Small social and personal announcements are encouraged.  For best inclusion please submit copy as early as possible. 

As a reminder an email with a link to the latest issue will be sent each month to all who have requested inclusion on our list.  EMAIL your request.

Some of our readers who used to read the Blow-Me-Downer in its printed version do not have computers. If you have access to the Internet, please assist friends and family who do not, by printing a paper copy for them or allowing them to read it on your computer.

Courtesy Announcement

Until 2012 October, most production and distribution expenses of the printed version of The Blow-Me-Downer were covered by cash sponsorships from local businesses and organisations.  With hard copy distribution ended, the Newsletter will not be generally available to those without Internet access.  

We thank our Sponsors for their generous support over the years.  In alphabetical order, they are:

Byrne's Store, York Harbour

Curling ONE Stop Service Station, Corner Brook

Drop In Lounge, Lark Harbour

Fillatre Memorials, Corner Brook

Quik Lube Plus, Corner Brook

Sheppard's Clover Farm Store, Lark Harbour
Printing facilities were provided from October 2005 to September 2012
by the Anglican Parish of the Bay of Islands.

All text material, formatting, collating and delivery are by your Editor unless otherwise stated.
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Congregation of St James Church, Lark Harbour, NL, sings "Silent Night", Christmas 2010

In 2010 the Anglican Church of Canada sponsored a project where churches across Canada could sing "Silent Night" and be presented on YouTube for all the world to see.

Click HERE to see and hear St James Church congregation singing.

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